What is an IDIOPHONE ?

An idiophone is a musical instrument
 whose sound is produced by the material of the instrument itself on impact.
The same goes for the authentic artist, from his own wounds, emotional hits, 
he resonates with passion & creativitie. 


Created at the beginning of the health crisis (2020) by reclusive musicians scattered across Europe,
IDIO(T)PHONE RECORDS is the very expression of the melancholic and casual coldness
 of a new romantic way. 

Based in the south of France, near Toulouse,
we produce music in the following genres
Post-Punk, New Wave, Dark Wave, Electronic, Synthpop, Neofolk ...

Passionate about the avant-garde scene and the gothic subculture of the 80s,
we edit artists with hazy and romantic similarities attached to cold & minimal sounds.
In the manner of the Dadaists, we are attracted to
the questioning of all ideological, aesthetic and political conventions and constraints.

Our logo, the "César" mask of the crying child, illustrates our state of mind, both
"héroï-comique" &  burlesque, the offbeat becoming the driving force behind our musical selections.

Notice to those who know how to listen ;)

Label's director